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Agriculture Program


As part of the school curriculum, all students have the opportunity to experience how God provides and works through nature. Learning how to prepare the soil, preserve, and market produce provides students with competencies and confidence they will build upon throughout their lifetime.


Children are provided with the opportunity to plant and care for local crops such as vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, and various other types of produce. Not only do they get to eat from the fruits of their labor, they also get to prepare their goods for the Sunshine Farmer’s Market every Wednesday afternoon in Kapa’a.  

Community service and social skills meet business and marketing skills to really put the final touches on how much this experience enriches their education.

Life Skills Program

Learning to do simple, practical skills is an important part of a child's development. Our goal is to provide a safe haven for young people to learn how to develop the skills necessary to be an effective worker for God.

Throughout the school year they will explore such things as:

  • the use of hand tools to make small useful projects;

  • basic work in the kitchen making bread, soups, healthy desserts and snacks; 

  • giving assistance in the community by helping clean up around people's homes; 

  • health principles as understood from the Bible; 

  • natural remedies, growing and using herbs, healthy food choices; 

  • simple sewing and mending skills. 

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