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Caring for the Whole Person 

  • Ample opportunities for physical exercise on the playground and weekly swimming outings

  • Outdoor education to encourage appreciation of God’s creation

  • Emphasis on caring for our bodies as well as for the planet, i.e. reduce, reuse, recycle

Creative Curriculum

  • Garden to Market: Exceptional hands-on learning in the garden. Students learn to grow, tend, preserve, cook and bring to market their own produce

  • Christ-centered curriculum and activities promote spiritual growth and character development

  • Regular community service helps students learn empathy and how to care for those around them

  • Computers to learn crucial technology skills

  • Life skills programming implements healthy living principles such as vegetarian cooking, natural remedies, cultural awareness  and simple building and sewing projects


  • Music classes including choir and hand bells

  • Art classes using a variety of mediums 

  • Swimming classes

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